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This news release was originally published by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

Canada’s Chief Science Advisor delivers recommendations to make Canadian science open and accessible

February 26, 2020 – Ottawa, Ontario

Every day, Canadian researchers are coming up with new ideas with the potential to tackle some of the biggest challenges we face today. By freely sharing and collaborating on these innovations, we can ensure a dynamic and transparent research community. The Government of Canada can now bolster its efforts in making federal science open and accessible to all thanks to the Roadmap for Open Science — a set of ten recommendations delivered by Canada’s Chief Science Advisor, Dr. Mona Nemer.

Under the guidance of an expert committee and through feedback received from federal departments, agencies and granting councils, the roadmap articulates overarching principles and recommendations. The principles revolve around people, transparency, inclusiveness, collaborations and sustainability.

By enabling others to build on previously validated research, Open Science will help speed up the pace of new discoveries ranging from small business innovations to new medical treatments with the potential to save lives. It will also foster quality and integrity in research by offering an opportunity for wider evaluation and scrutiny by the scientific community, and build stronger collaborations with Canada’s international colleagues. Open Science is also a means to communicate openly within the research community and with the public to enable greater trust and citizen engagement.

The Roadmap for Open Science corresponds with the Chief Science Advisor’s 2019 commitment to provide advice on the best way to make government-funded science accessible to all, while maintaining respect for privacy, security, ethical considerations and appropriate intellectual property protection.