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With the goal of improving the discoverability of gold open access journals, CRKN maintains a list of open access journals supported by CRKN member institutions. Formerly managed through Simon Fraser University’s CUFTS software, this list is now distributed to link resolvers to allow more researchers to see and access this content through library catalogues.

While there are a number of other tools and databases that list open access journals, the CRKN Open Access Journals List supplements those databases by providing a platform exclusive to member institutions with a reduced administrative burden. To avoid duplication in discovery systems, Érudit and Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) journals are not included in the list.

The CRKN Open Access Journals List is available from January 2020 in the following discovery systems:

  • EBSCO: CRKN Open Access Journals
  • OCLC: CRKN Open Access Journals
  • Serials Solutions: CRKN Open Access Journals List
  • SFX/Alma: CRKN_Open_Access_Journals_List
  • TrueSerials

In order to be eligible for this list, a journal must be:

  1. Open access
  2. Scholarly
  3. Peer-reviewed
  4. Supported by a CRKN member institution

Help keep the CRKN Open Access Journals List up to date by reviewing the current journals listed by your institution and submitting additions or changes . Members may contact Émilie Lavallée-Funston, Member Services and Licensing Officer for additional information or to submit changes in an alternative format. Please use the Template file below to submit multiple titles at once; please note that some fields are required.

The CRKN Open Access Journals List is maintained by the Knowledge Base Entitlements Sub-Committee, under guidance from the Content Strategy Committee.

This table is sorted by Institution first, then by Title.

Here is a link to view the full spreadsheet as a web page.